Pitch Deck

The NextGen Belize project is all about evolving the assets of an unnoticed, yet invaluable country. This will be done by leveraging our land holdings, building a support system, and granting access to microfinance.

About Us

Land development, Mining, Agriculture and Entrepreneurship along the new Coastal Highway

Belize’s future is Belize

Develop the resources necessary to retain Belizean talent
This will be done by leveraging our land holdings, building a support system, and granting access to microfinance.

Why Belize?

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    52% of the population is under 25 years old

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    $1USD = $2BZD

    Evident financial ease and benefit of doing business

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    First Language:


    Efficient understanding for operations

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    Avg Visitors:

    50k+ per month

    Tourism increase yearly between 5-15%

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    Who's Known:


    The entire team has strong relationships

The Problem

Equipment & Resources

Low Access to Loans
Few Physical Assets


Significant Trade Imbalance
Hard for Small Farmers
World Market Price Drop
Rapid Population Growth

Real Estate

“Only for the Wealthy” Rental Economy
Expat Problems – Security, Storage, Maintenance


Why Now?

Hemp Production

More possibilities in the Agriculture and Cannabis industries

Real Estate Development

Mix of leases, building, development, and rentals

Coastal Highway

A strategic road construction just started, of which we’ll have 2+ Miles of frontage

Save History
Mayan Cave Ruins

A number of Mayan artifacts have been found
Boston University mapped 17 caves Students regularly tour the caves
Our plan is to dedicate the ruins as a protected reserve.
  • The Capital City of Belmopan is to the West and the former Capital, Belize City, is to the East.
  • The road along the Eastern side of the property began construction on 2/25/2020.
  • The long awaited road will connect new areas of Belize
  • Develop a eco-friendly, self sustainable commercial and residential area in conjunction with the Ministry of Economic Development on the Coastal Highway

The New City

  • With its central location plus the addition of Coastal Hwy, TSB leads to be the epicenter for Millennial Entrepreneurs

Business Model

Endless Opportunities
Natural Resource Production

Increase Agriculture
Limestone mine
Renewable Energy

Real Estate Development



Agriculture Incubator
Business Incubator
Professional Services

0 M

  • 500k+ Overnight guests and 1M+ cruise arrivals
  • Overnight visitors are up 100% from 241,119 in 2010
  • With a population of 400,000; tourists more than triple residents

0 $M

  • Value added by the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector to the GDP
  • Dolomite and Limestone mining used in roads and agriculture are not included in this number
  • TSB represents over 1.5% of used agricultural land in Belize

Our Company

  • We bring a large network of important connections
    both in the US and Belize
  • We have learned from ours and others mistakes
  • A long relationship with the current owners
  • Focus on implementing technology, innovation, and
  • Driven by more than just money (but it’s up there)


  • Other land owners on the Coastal Highway aren’t located as close to the Western Highway, new airport extension, or have frontage on the Western Highway
  • Lots of farmers use old methods without the use of technology or lean manufacturing.
  • Other developers overplan for what they think expats want, not what’s already sustainable.
  • They also don’t plan with the Government in a way that
    supports and benefits the entire community

The Core Investement

Check out the details of the property for purchase with an overview of its worth ranging from tangible assets that will be used for an immediate ROI and more